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How do I get paid?

In order to receive payments, you will need to connect your bank account. Upon payout, your funds are securely deposited into your account. No more cash or checks!  


To securely connect your bank account: 

1. Head over to the Menu section by tapping on your selfie

2. Tap on “My Earnings” 

3. Click “Connect my bank account” 

4. Enter your online banking credentials (we do not see your login credentials and it is not saved) or you can manually link your account 

Note: All payments are made via direct deposit and you will need a bank account in order to receive payment. If you do not see your bank as an option, do not worry just let your provider success coordinator know, and we can connect your bank account for you! 

WeeCare Win: You will always receive payments before you provide care. Parents pay one week in advance and are charged every Monday. If a parent misses a payment, don’t worry. Our team will follow up with the family and notify you when the  payment has been made.

You will also be able to download an end of year report with all of the payment transactions, so you don't have to track payments. Simply download the report and take it to your tax preparer. Say goodbye to stress!

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